12 x 36 Wedding Album Cover Design 4 PSD Free Download

12 x 36 Wedding Album Cover Design 4: Now after over the NEW album cover designs that are done by us now we have created a new design of the wedding album.

Now This is a Time to move everything in digital that now lots of people asking us for please create or album in new technology that is Digital album printing and designing. What are The Benefits of digital wedding albums?

We are creating a Digital album with crystal on the front back of the album cover. That looks like a Mirror or glass and it looks very good in the wedding album.

This is a digital album that’s why it looks very cool and very clean. And this album size is 12x 36 which means 12-inch height and 36-inch width. And Glass on the album is unbreakable.

Where we can add bride grom name on this album as Title.

YOu can add Bride & Groom name wedding or any other event name and Date on the front cover page of the 12 x36 albums.

What is the resolution of those wedding album designs covers?

The resolution of these wedding album covers we have posted below here is 300px. That is a full HD PSD and very easy to edit this PSD if you have basic knowledge of photoshop.

These PSD works well in photoshop cs3 or later versions

Front Side of 12 x 36 Wedding Album Cover Design

What’s included on the front side of the wedding album cover

The front side cover is included with the Title of the Event and Date of your Event and The name of the Bride’s groom. and With Good album Background and included with some nice Cliparts on the wedding album.

Wedding Album Cover Design template 2022

What’s included on the design 4 front side of the wedding album cover.

Wedding Album Cover Design

Back Side of 12 x 36 Wedding Album Cover Design 4

What’s included on the design 4 Backside of the album cover design.

Wedding Album Cover Design

This file is not working properly in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. This PSD file will work fine in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Download 12×36 wedding album design PSD

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