How To Create 3D Animated Cube In Adobe After Effects

How To Create 3D Animated Cube Logo In Adobe After Effects and download the after-effects AE project File from the bottom of this post. if you looking for a Best After effect 3d animation for beginners then this effect template is best for you to practice.

How to create a 3d cube logo for a news channel. Creating a 3d animation is very easy just follow the video steps below.

  1. First of all, create a New composition in After Effect.
  2. Then import PNG logos in After Effects And then Drag and drop the logo in the composition that you have created And make all logos 3d.
  3. And then change the view to the top and arrange logos for the cube.
  4. After then Create a New Null object and make it 3d.
  5. And make parent this null object.
  6. Now animate null object rotation and then your animation is done.

How to add your logo to this after-effect free project template.

This is the very first of all Download the Complete zip file From below.

Then there we have added a logo with the name you just paste your logo here and reman the logo with our logos.

Now open a template in after effects now your logo is added template successfully.

How to Create 3d Animation in After effect

Download AE after effect Project 3D Animated cube template 2022

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