How to cut in after effects

How to cut in after effects 2022: First of all, I love to use adobe software for video editing like premiere pro, After Effects, and some others Because adobe software is easy to use and very helpful.

In this blog post, we will show you how you can cut in after effects or trim your video after effects.

First of all, the video editor must learn to cut video clips. Now that’s why we help you in this blog post on how to cut/trim video clips in after effect. You can split videos very easily with adobe after effects just follow our steps below.

Now let’s go to step by step on how to cut in after effects.

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Step 1:

Launch the adobe after Effects (ae) and then you see the start pop-up screen Now there have two options one is “Create new project” and another one is  “Open project” In this session we are creating a new project by clicking the first one. Now your AE is opened.

Step 2:

Now the first thing we need to do is create a new composition. Go to the right of the screen where you can see the “project panel” Right-click here and click on a new composition. Now a pop-up opens here.

Step 3:

Now here are all details of your project resolution, presets, 3d rendering, Duration, and more set all things here according to your project, and then click on the ok button. Now your composition is created.

Step 4:

Then open a video that you want to cut/split. Double click on the work area click on the file from import follows the picture below or click and drag-drop on after effect.

Step 5:

Your video files are opened Now drag and drop this file into a video layer.
You can find video layers in after effect layer on the right side of the screen. There have multiple layers. Follow the picture below.

Step 6:

Now move the “time indicator” and stop where you want to cut the video.

Step 7:

Then click on the “Edit” from the top left corner And then click on the “split layer”. Now your video is divided into two clips. Now you can edit the split layer and add effects to the timeline.

Another way to cut in after effects.

Click on the video where you want to cut and press the ctrl command shift and the D (ctrl + shift + D)

Now you know how to cut in after effects.

Why do I love to use adobe after Effects?

I love to use adobe after Effects because adobe all software is very easy to use and not complicated things in this software.

And adobe has different software for each category like if you want to edit videos you can use premier pro and if you want to make animations you can use adobe after effects and if you want to edit pictures you can use adobe photoshop.

And the most lovely thing is we can make a connection with these all Software. Like I want to create color grading so I can create in adobe photoshop and then I can connect these color grading in adobe premiere pro.

And if I want to edit voice so I can use adobe audition and adobe premiere pro and adobe audition are connected. That’s why I love to use adobe software.

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