How to render in after effects in 2022

Render in after effects: How you can render files or animation on Adobe after effects and render multiple file formats like animated gifs and video files.

If you trying to render your after effects animation and you don,t know how to render in after-effects then you are in right place In this blog post, we will show you two ways to render after effects projects.

  1. The first one is how to render or export on after-effect internal Exporter.
  2. The second is how you can render video using an adobe media encoder.

Let’s start step by step on how you can render it after effect. 

 Render after effects Project

First of all open adobe after effects and then open the project  And then select the composition that you want to render.

Step 1:

Now the select area that you want to render Press B  from the keyboard(B means Being starting point) where you want to start and click N (N means End) where you want to end the render.

How to add in and out point in adobe after effects

Step 2:

After selecting the area Click on “composition” from the top left side menu bar then a Dropdown opens below in there. Click on the “Add to render queue” Or press Ctrl + M from the keyboard. 

render in after effects

Step 3:

Then a render is opened on the right side of the composition in the timeline section.

Now there have three editable options in there.

  1. First, one is the “Render setting”
  2. The second one is the “output module”
  3. And the third one is the “output file”
render options in after effects

Render setting

In the render, the section has the first option is Quality keep select best from the quality section and second one resolution in this option have three options full, half, third, and Quater if you want the best quality of the video so keep going with “full” first option. And there have a lot more options in their don,t change any other option if you are a beginner. 

render in after effects

Output module

This section has the first option Formats. If you want the best quality with a big file size select, Avi. And if you want a low file size so click on the down-pointing arrow from the right side of the Avi there are multiple formats options select Quick time form here. 

Another option that we need to change is Channels from the video output. There have RGB is Default if you want to render video Transparent so click and select RGB + Alpha from the channel.

Output module

Video Output

Click on the Right Side of the output and select the location where you want to render this file. 

After creating the best Render settings click on the render button from the top right side of the project window. Now your render is strat and it takes some time to export the file.

render button

Render after effects file using Media Encoder

Step 1:

First of all open project then the select area that you want to render Click on the file from the top left corner and click on the file Export and then add it to the adobe media encoder Queue then media encoder opens automatically.

Render after effects file using Media Encoder

Step 2:

Adobe media encoder has the same options that are also in the premiere pro. And your composition is automatically added to the render queue.

And there have the same render setting as the premier pro after adding the composition click on the Play button from the top right corner of the screen.

How you can render animated GIFs.

Click on the formates option and select animated Gif from the formate option and then click on the Export.

Render after effects file using Media Encoder

Also, We have Some Software:

Now you know how you can render Adobe After effects. 


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